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Wingman is an innovative AI-powered dating assistant designed to enhance users' online dating experiences. Developed by Wingman Technologies, this advanced application leverages state-of-the-art artificial intelligence techniques to offer personalized advice and actionable feedback, aiming to improve users' success in the online dating landscape. Wingman stands out for its unique features, which include profile and photo critiques, conversation analysis, and a highly specialized chatbot for dating advice.


Wingman is designed to assist users in navigating the complexities of online dating by providing comprehensive feedback and support. The application focuses on three main areas: enhancing dating profiles, analyzing conversations, and offering uncensored, honest dating advice through an advanced chatbot.

Key Features[]

Profile and Photo Critiques[]

Wingman's profile and photo critique feature is designed to optimize users' online dating profiles. By uploading photos and profile details, users receive a detailed analysis and feedback. The AI rates each photo on a scale of 0 to 10, highlighting strengths and suggesting areas for improvement. This feature helps users present the best version of themselves, increasing their attractiveness to potential matches.

Conversation Analysis[]

The conversation analysis tool allows users to upload screenshots of their conversations with matches. The AI analyzes these interactions, providing sentiment analysis and identifying key interests and talking points. This feature helps users understand their matches better and suggests optimal replies or openers based on the context, making conversations more engaging and effective.

Advanced Chatbot[]

Wingman includes an advanced chatbot powered by a finetuned Llama 3 70b model. Unlike general-purpose chatbots like ChatGPT, this chatbot is domain-specific, focusing exclusively on dating advice. It offers uncensored, straightforward advice, helping users take decisive action. The chatbot remembers past interactions, providing continuity and context in its responses.

Development and Technology[]

Wingman leverages the latest advancements in natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning. The core technologies behind Wingman include sophisticated AI models trained on extensive datasets related to online dating behaviors and preferences. This allows Wingman to provide highly personalized and contextually relevant advice.

Profile Optimization[]

The profile optimization algorithms use image recognition and text analysis to evaluate users' profiles. By comparing these profiles against a vast dataset of successful profiles, the AI identifies elements that contribute to higher match rates. This includes analyzing profile pictures for visual appeal and text for clarity and attractiveness.

Sentiment Analysis[]

The conversation analysis feature utilizes advanced sentiment analysis techniques to gauge the emotional tone of interactions. By understanding the underlying sentiments in conversations, Wingman can suggest more effective ways to respond, increasing the likelihood of positive engagement with matches.

User Impact[]

Since its launch, Wingman has received positive feedback from users who appreciate its practical advice and actionable feedback. By enhancing users' online dating profiles and interactions, Wingman aims to increase their chances of finding meaningful connections. Testimonials highlight the application's ability to transform users' dating experiences, making them more confident and successful in their search for partners.

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