Artificial Intelligence

Without the Human characteristics of Greed, Lust, Glory or Maliciousness, A.I. has the potential to create Humane Beings. They have no motives, as it is their directive. Computers running programs that present themselves as Humans assisting Humans humanely. Robotics have progressed to a point of nearing its Human counterpart. Counterpart, working in concert with humans achieving a collaboration of achievements one ( Human or A.I.) could not achieve alone.

There are more fields of deployment for Humane Beings than the counterpart - Iron Warriors, War Machines.

Obviously this is one use of A.I. that has it's need to curtail. Militaristic uses illustrate the level of maliciousness than can be achieved with killing the only directive it is programmed to do. It can be achieved through its programming of vast variables to ensure the Machines own survival as well.

Scary? It is an aspect of life. It is a use for the technology but not its only use, as Humane Beings have more venues of deployment and greater Benefit to humanity.

Many fields of the Humanities will find benefit for the coupling of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. The field of medicine has now begun to realize the potential that the near future will hold limited by only opposition.

Where the benefit is Humane, bringing more Humanitarian Benefits to Humanity. Lets hope Humans will abandon it's opposition to these new tools of assistance.

Lets work together to make it a reality a reality filled with Humane Beings.