From what I know, machines do only what we build them to do, building a machine is just like doing whatever you want the machine to do, except the machine can do it a million times more after you build it. Well these chatbots and ai can program themselves; they can "learn". But when something unexpected happens, the machine screws up. Perhaps to have strong ai you need to hook the machine up to a random element, to put a little devil on its shoulder to whisper in it's ear. To fight the unnexpected with the unexpected. Thus the ai will no longer be limited by its pure logic and will have the ability to make an educated guess. Instead of doing what its supposed to do, it might do what it's supposed to do. Maybe it'll do the second best thing. Or the third best thing, every once in a while. And maybe it'll get lucky.

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The page “Strong AI” looks interesting so i have created a copy in the page Academic_journal#Paper_4 under the id “paper4”. This is a newly founded academic journal which is publishing articles about AI and robotics. In the next step, the paper4 gets improved and perhaps it will be accepted for the next issue of the journal.--ManuelRodriguez5 (talk) 14:59, March 22, 2020 (UTC)

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