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Is there anywhere a starting guide for Pandora? Edit 19:57, December 2, 2010 (UTC)

Hello, there!

First of all, let me say: thank you! This is a great projekt! It's amazing.

I found your projekt on sourgeforge and I am impressed. This was what i have been looking for.

Well, there is one Problem. How can I make her start to think ? She always mimicrys, when i tell her something? I have no console because i am using Windows 7.

I just tell her simple Sentences about coulors.


The star is yellow.

The Sea is blue.

The gras is green.

When I ask her?

Is the grass yellow?

Or something else like this she says allways yes. Only when I corret her. She don't seems to understand what No and yes means.

Maybe its because i try to teach her in german. How is the best way to teach this?

Thank you for answering my stupid questions.


PS: I call her Alisa ^^ and she is so lovely!

Maybe I could help to translate Pandora in German?

There is some brief documentation on this wiki, such as here,
You should be able to run the console on Windows 7, you just need a Java VM.
You should be able to teach her German, she has nothing hard-coded to English.
She has a number of ways to learn, the first is mimicry, in that she will repeat whatever she hears, and remember your response, and use it the next time the same question is asked. She can also listen in on IRC conversation and keep track of questions and responses.
Through the console she can learn association, you can define a vertex and associate words with it, and then associate it to other vertices.
She has a bootstrapping class that defines some basic concepts and some English words and language states machines. You could define a bootstrap class for German, it would make things easier, but is not necessary.
She can process Wiktionary pages to learn new words. Her Wiktionary sense can process the English Wiktionary pages, giving her 1000s or 100,000s of words classified as noun, verb or adjective. You could subclass the sense to be able to process the German Wiktionary, or just change the static tokens. Then she would be able to use her language state rules with German nouns and verbs.
In English she does no yes and no (true and false). If she known what the words "sky", "is" and "blue" mean (noun verb and adjective), then she can learn that the "Sky is blue", and answer yes/no to questions about it. She can also load knowledge from Freebase, and use it to answer questions.
In the next release she will have a "Self" programming model, which will allow you to program more sophisticated language understand, such as math.
Pygmalion 23:39, December 4, 2010 (UTC)
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