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Question about posting links

Question about posting links

Hello AI Wiki,

I've discovered this website recently. A short look into the article counter shows that the amount of created pages is low (89 articles) but there is some traffic on this website. Before I want to make the first edit in the Wiki system, I'd like to explain what the plan is.

The first thing to do is to separate between two sorts of Wikis: a content wiki has the aim to create fulltext information. The idea is, that the users are contributing papers, and small books and this will allow the wiki to grow from 0 byte, to 1 MB, to 100 MB and so on. A content wiki has the same purpose like a weblog or a repository server.

The alternative is called a social wiki. This sort of collaborative editing is not explained very detailed in the literature so i would like to give a short overview. A social wiki is equal to a tracking wiki which is equal to a URL playlist. The aim is not to create new content within the wiki but to reference to content stored outside the wiki. A typical interaction pattern with a social wiki is, that the users are posting links which means they copy and paste a URL from their favorite website and add a small comment.

The disadvantage of a social wiki is obvious. If the users are allowed to post links, they will try to fool the admin of the project by posting shortened links and links to their own projects. This is called backlink posting which is done in the worstcase with dedicated autoposting bots. From a technical standpoint the admin has to decide which kind of wiki he wants. Because the admin can undo any action. The problem is, that the admin of the wiki has to decide if it's allowed to post external links or not.

And this is the reason why I'm writing this longer introduction. Because I'm unsure which kind of wiki this AI Wiki is. Is it a content wiki or is it a social wiki? Or to ask more directly, is it allowed to post links to external websites? Let me give an example. In the last week a new video was put online at youtube about a robotics project and has a creative commons license. A typical edit in a social wiki would look the following

2019-05-15 URL comment.

Such kind of edit contains obviously no content, but it's referencing to content outside the wiki. It allows to monitor existing information about robotics and Artificial Intelligence and other users are encouraged to comment the URL.

ManuelRodriguez5 (talk) 13:47, May 15, 2019 (UTC)