Artificial Intelligence


On the first look, the connection between a computer graphics conference and Artificial Intelligence isn't obvious. But a deeper look into the subject shows, that each animated fish needs an AI motion controller, and also realistic motion capture is often realized with neural networks. The Special Interest Group on Graphics and Interactive Techniques (Siggraph) is the worlds largest computer graphics conference and has a long history. Some of the submissions have a background in Artificial Intelligence, in case of the current event in the year 2019, a paper explains how to build the controller for a UAV with reinforcement learning.[1]

Another topic on the Siggraph conference is a motion capture technique for record the position of a marker in 3d space. This is useful for realistic computer animation. A focus in this year is called “neural rendering”. The idea is that a neural network is able to produce the textures.[2] What makes the Siggraph conference unique from other robotics conferences is a combination of art, practical demonstration and academic background. Most presentations are explained in the technical papers which allows to reproduce the work.


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