Pandora's language ability is a Thought which process an active memory related to language. It is currently capable of understanding simple sentences that associate a noun with an adjective using a verb, such as "The ball is red". Each sentence that is understood adds associates to Pandora's memory. Language can then respond to questions based on its knowledge, such as "Is the ball red?", which would then yield "true".

If Pandora's is unable to understand a sentence, then she resorts to mimicry, similar to a small child. By repeating the sentence, she then remembers the next response as a response to that sentence. When the sentence is asks again, even though she does not understand the sentence, she knows what the response is. Similar to a child knowing the response to "What is 2 + 2?" is "4", even though they do not yet understand the question, nor addition.

The next goal in Pandora's language plugin is to increase the sophistication of understanding and response beyond simple yes/no noun+verb+adjective sentences.

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