Artificial Intelligence


The news portal controlglobal has published a story about the advantages of PID control.[1] As a source for the article, a paper was mentioned was published in 1976. In the 1970s pid control was treated as the standard control technique which was especially useful for plant control and process automation, but was later replaced by model predictive control. The term PID control is used in Academia and in industry for outdated very simple control loops for example in a temperature system. It's well described in many thousands papers what the disadvantages of pid control are and how to overcome the bottleneck. Non of these papers were referenced in the article, instead a graph is shown which is symbolizing a circuit.

It's unclear what the target audience of the article is. One section is named as “Literature can’t always be taken literally”. What we can say for sure is, that the controlglobal story has nothing to do with the academic literature.