Artificial Intelligence

Natural Language Processing is the computer science domain of attempting to have computers understand human languages. There are various diverse approaches to natural language processing, some more hard coded than others. Personally I think the program that a baby uses has the most merit. If you want to know more about natural language processing you are probably better off talking to a one year old than a computer scientist.


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Discourse Representation Structure[]

Abbreviated DRS, a discourse representation structure is essentially a dictionary entry within a data structure or machine-readable text. To quote a slightly outdated tutorial[1]:

"[A] DRS consists of a pair of discourse referents (also known as the domain of the DRS) and a set of conditions. A discourse referent denotes an entity; a condition constrains the interpretation of this entity. DRSs are recursive structures — a DRS might contain other DRSs constructed with the logical operators negation, disjunction, or implication."


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