Artificial Intelligence


Unity3d is a well known game engine for creating realistic simulations without much programming efforts. It is described the literature very well and it is even possible to realize AI controller within Unity. A typical way in doing so is to program a behavior tree and this allows the character to move autonomously.

Unfortunately, Unity3d can also utilized for realizing Fuzzy logic controller for describing the health of an AI character.[1] The problem is, that health is measured from an objective point of view, but fuzzy logic is by definition a highly individual statement. As a result, the AI character doesn't know what his own life condition is and he is not able to plan the next actions.

Another example for a failed AI project is to model the trajectory of a camera with Fuzzy logic.[2] The idea was to create a Machinima film within the unity3d engine. Instead of using a normal script for this task, a hard to maintain multi-value logic camera controller was implemented which behaves very similar to a random generator.


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