This Wiki is all about Intelligence, Artificial and Human. Artificial intelligence (Bots) is an area of Computer Science that over the past decade has gelled and has begun to bloom into an amazing display of its potential. Presently the humans' future is being programmed, the humans' past has been analyzed, the humans' present state is considered. What lays ahead of you will be handed to you in a report for you to follow.

This wiki will hopefully help you find answers all those questions on the branch of computer science called AI. The goal of this wiki is to provide a wealth of resources on Artificial Intelligence,A.I.,AI, and foster an active community of: AI developers, researchers, hobbyists, and groupies, :(). Come out and browse, collaborate with others on our topics, hang in or out in our forums, create, comment on, or chat with your favorite bot.

This is a community not an encyclopedia, write from your own point of view, get a bit creative. In your Bot creation, bots created with a "hook, a funny personality" get attention not a neutral one. Granted that Bots will be created for their intended purpose, the end result is engagement. The "Guest" should feel comfortable conversing with your creation. This may ensure repeat visits and propel it's popularity through various venues of advertising. Do not underestimate "Word of Mouth" referrals. Your Bot represents your "Brand". Your Bot gives your "Brand" a personality, or vise versa, taking your "Brand" and giving it a personality. Do not worry about verifying everything you write, and please by all means, feel free to include original research.

Tracking existing content of the wiki Edit


  • 89 overall pages, 56 categories, 16 images, 8 videos
  • scope of the wiki is about Artificial Intelligence, the focus is on community not on encyclopedia
  • some of the pages are empty, other contain some text
  • the List Of Chat Bots was updated recently
  • in the Ai hybrid article some URLs are given to external websites (mostly from newspapers like The register and Businessinsider)
  • the News article contains also a lot of external URLs to sources given by google news for example New York times, BBC and science daily). it looks similar to what the Wikinews project is trying to achieve, which is content aggregation from existing newsportals.
  • a special page for the Special:RecentChanges is available, but it works different from a media wiki installation. I can't see all the edits back to 2009 and earlier.


  • a dedicated page for AGI Artificial general intelligence is available, so it seems, that the scope isn't only Narrow AI but the full spectrum which includes Singularity and Super-human AI.
  • an overall statistics isn't available, so we have to guess: 89 pages, the half of them has content, each page with content is 1000 Byte, so the overall amount of content is 45 kb. Some of the pages are a bit longer, also the images should be mentioned, so the overall amount of size is around 200 kb in total (only as a guess).
  • according to the log section, some kind of spam protection is active, which means if a page with nonsense content was created by an anonymous IP address, the action is made undone by a patrol bot. It seems, that the spam protection is driven by Fandom.
  • the amount of users is unclear. According to the previous edits made in the Wiki around 10 users were here in the past, perhaps more if we are counting the ip adresses
  • from the Fandom/Wikia helppage it's known that the overall Fandom network contains of 24 million users, and technically all of them can edit this Artificial Intelligence wiki.
  • Special:ListUsers list of all users including the sysop and bots. The number is 17 with more than 5 edits. Last edit of a human user was in may 2018 (one year ago).


  • Special:SpecialPages It's a list of all spacial pages. In the subpage “statistics” it's possible to download the database dump of the entire wiki as a compressed 7z archive. But it doesn't work in reality. The operation was canceled.
  • Category:2019 new category created which holds all the newly added content


  • in the Special:SpecialPages section there is an item “Export pages” available. A user can enter manual a pagename and then the XML file of this page is saved to the local harddrive as XML file. I've tried it out and it works great.
  • Artificial intelligence is an introduction into the AI topic with a link to Wikipedia


  • In the blog section, a new page was created. User_blog:Henry_Dworak/WHO_ARE_YOU? It describes an UFO landing situation. Unfortunately, the comments are deactivated for this page, but i can post the comment here: In a first contact situation with Aliens, it's important to follow the communication protocols. Most of the Aliens come in peace and they want to learn something about Artificial Intelligence. The humans are in the role of a teacher, they have to educate the foreigners with material about Neural Networks, computer vision, boolean logic, and speech synthesis. As an intermediate, chatbots may support the task of building friendship. These AI entities are able to translate back and forth between different languages.
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